The 1st Step To Begin Working Out With One Of Our Trainers Is With a 1-on-1 Private Personal Training Membership.

The way to join at Sculpt Fitness Cleveland is to get a private personal training membership with us!

Our membership is not a typical gym membership, but instead is based on the amount of private workouts per month you'll have with our trainers, ranging from 8-20 workouts a month!

With workouts lasting either 30 minute or 45 minutes in length, you'll be only one of 4-6 individuals working out at any given time, allowing you to have plenty of space and social distancing during your workout.

Plus, the first workout is free to try! Simply press the green button below to let us know your ready to stop in to try us out.



How does a Sculpt Fitness membership work?

Our Sculpt Fitness membership is the monthly total of personal training workouts combined into a monthly amount, making it easy to stay motivated and on track with reaching your fitness goals!

For example, if you and your Sculpt trainer decide that 3 workouts a week is the right choice for you, your membership would be the 12 personal training used over a 4 week period that would renew every 4 weeks. (don’t worry, there isn’t any extra fees or charges! You only pay for the personal training you receive.)

How long do most workouts last?

Workouts with our trainers range from 30 to 45 minutes long depending on your goals and frequency of workouts each week.

Our full sessions are 45 minutes long, allowing us plenty of time to focus hitting each body part along with cardio.

If you’re tight on time but still want a quality workout, our 30 minutes workouts combine strength and cardio into one well rounded workout.

Can't I just come in for a normal gym pass like everywhere else?

We limit our gym only to those who choose to work with our personal trainers with a 1-on-1 membership.

This gives the gym a private atmosphere along with having the full attention of your trainer.

If we allowed everyone to join with a gym pass, it would cause the gym to be too busy and we wouldn’t be able to help everyone have a quality workout.

How often do most members workout with a trainer?

Our most successful members workout 2 to 4 times a week with a personal trainer.


How long do I have to commit to a membership?

We only ask that you plan on being here with us for an initial 3 month period after starting. This allows you time to see some initial results and lets us know you’re invested in working towards a thinner, stronger body.

After those 3 months, it becomes a month to month membership, making it easy to stop or adjust your membership if you ever need to!

How do I get started!?

You can give us a call at 216-200-4810 , email us at [email protected] , or click the green button to schedule your free fitness assessment and 30 minute private workout!

How much does a membership cost?

We have a range of membership options to fit a variety of needs and fitness goals.

To start out , a monthly membership would begin at 140.00 for the 30 minute workouts and 280.00 for 45 minute workouts. It would go up from there depending on how often you come in each week.


We'd like to invite you in to try out a FREE 30 minute private workout with a personal trainer along with a fitness assessment.

Learn your strengths and weaknesses, have your questions answered, and see if we could possibly be the gym for you!

If you'd like to continue with us afterwards, our trainers will be able to assist you in choosing the right plan for your needs. If not, you'll at least come away with some fitness tips and a cool workout experience! 😀

Click the green button or give us a call at 216-200-4810