• Can anyone come and use the gym if they aren't working with a trainer?

    We do not allow walk in’s to use the Sculpt Fitness gym’s unless they are working with a personal trainer. This has several benefits for you and our members.

    It keeps the gym private and exclusive for our personal training members, keeps equipment open for use, and lets our trainers focus on helping our clients achieve his or her fitness goal within a structured program that works for you. We cap our facility to a max of 8-10 people working out at any given time.

    You can rest assured that you’ll be in a clean, private gym environment.

  • "I've never heard of Sculpt Fitness before. Is this a new gym?"

    Sculpt Fitness has been around Northeast Ohio since 2008 with it’s beginning starting in Akron Ohio with owner Josh Dickey doing in home workouts and sessions in a small medical office space. Fast forward to present day…we have been in downtown Cleveland since 2015 along with having other gyms in Akron and Seven Hills Ohio!

  • Where Are The Sculpt Fitness Gyms Located At?

    Our Cleveland gym location is located in downtown Cleveland on West 9th street. It is easily accessible for all residents and commuters living near the flats!

    Our address is 1468 West 9th Street – Bottom Level, Cleveland Ohio 44113

    Our Rockside gym is located at 4141 Rockside Road, Seven Hills Ohio 44131


  • "My schedule is pretty hectic and jam packed during the week. Are you flexible in scheduling?"

    Yes we are! We have come to realize that our members have busy schedules. They are working professionals working full days, moms and dads who want to make time to spend with their families and those who just want a workout that challenges them and lets them get in and out quickly.

    Our personal trainers are flexible in scheduling around your schedule as best we can. Our workouts last 30 or 45 minutes in length, giving you time to shower up and go on the next part of your day!

  • "Are you a Crossfit gym?"

    No we are not. We actually have had a lot of current personal training members switch over to Sculpt Fitness after trying Crossfit for a short period of time. We have been told that they did not enjoy the large group classes, the lack of attention that was given to them by the coaches and the injuries that occurred from being thrown into a class.

    They appreciate the personalized attention and exercise programming they receive with any one of our personal trainers at Sculpt. We start you at your current fitness level, not someone else’s.

  • "What gym services are offered at Sculpt Fitness?"

    We offer two different membership types which both have various benefits to each! We specialize in one on one personal training where you work individually with a personal trainer at a minimum of twice a week and that trainer creates a program just for you! Workouts last up to 45 minutes in length.

    Our second membership type is our 30 minute small group personal training membership. This allows you and one other person to have the complete focus and attention of a personal trainer. Workouts for this membership are a fast paced and fun filled 30 minutes and will leave your metabolism revved up for the rest of the day.

    Click here to see more information about our memberships.


  • "What results have most of your members seen by working with a personal trainer at Sculpt?"

    We have had numerous success stories from many of our members who chose to join at Sculpt Fitness and team up with a personal trainer! We have had members lose up to 60 pounds, drop 2 to 3 pant sizes, increase his or her strength and muscle tone and improve their health in numerous ways.

    We cannot list the complete list of individuals in Cleveland, Akron and other parts of Northeast Ohio who have made positive changes because the amount is so many! You can see some success videos and pictures by going to our testimonial page by clicking here.

    A big way we set ourselves apart from other fitness centers, boot camps and gyms is that we cater to you in creating a program that suits your needs, not someone else’s. We take into account your starting fitness level, physical ability along with your personal goals and desires to work with you in leading you to a healthier, thinner, stronger you!

  • "How much does it cost to work with a trainer at Sculpt?"

    We offer two different personal training memberships that are based on your goals, physical needs and how much time you are able to dedicate during the week towards an exercise program.

    Our monthly memberships (which include your workouts of up to 16 workouts a month!) range from 140.00-880.00 a month. We will be able to assist you better in what membership would be best for your needs after your free initial fitness assessment and 30 minute 1-on-1 workout with a trainer.

  • "I'm convinced, I want to give Sculpt Fitness a try! How do I get started?"

    We’re excited that your ready to make a change and are ready to start! We know that not every gym is a fit for everyone. We take the fear and worry away from joining a gym long term that isn’t right for you by offering a complimentary FREE private workout and assessment with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer. We want you to take us for a test drive so you can meet with a trainer, have all of your questions answered, go through a workout and see for yourself if you and that trainer are a great fit!

    To get started you can call us at 216-200-4810 or CLICK HERE to schedule online your first visit!