4141 Rockside Rd. Suite 130 , Seven Hills Ohio 44131


If you're in search of a private gym where you are in a safe, clean environment, working with the areas top personal trainers...the Sculpt Fitness Seven Hills Gym could be the choice for you!

We keep our facilities private and limited to 8-10 people at any given time. This allows you to have plenty of space and equipment available to have a great workout with your trainer!

We'd love to invite you in to check things out, experience a 30 minute private workout with one of our Sculpt Fitness trainers, and learn for yourself whether or not we are the right place for! (Plus we are easily located right off the highway on Rockside Road)

Scroll below and click the green button or give us a call at 216-200-4810 to get started today.


  • Workout At A Private Gym That Specializes in Personal Training

    Our Cleveland Sculpt Fitness location is a private gym that is used only by it’s members who are working with a personal trainer. This helps guarantee you access to equipment, limits overcrowding and gives you a great workout experience!

  • Located Right By Interstate 77 in Seven Hills Ohio

    A trouble that many people face when joining a gym or searching for a trainer is the distance and time it takes to travel to the gym for your workout. Our address is 4141 Rockside Rd. , which is easy to reach for living or working around the Seven Hills area.

  • A Positive Reputation For Great Personal Trainers, Clean Gym Atmosphere and Proven Results Helping Others

    Sculpt Fitness has built and is proud of the positive reputation we have earned from many area residents in Northeast Ohio for helping them achieve their fitness goals. It takes a great gym atmosphere, caring personal trainers with proven success and an individualized program which focuses on each client’s strength and weaknesses.


One on One Private Personal Training

Work in a private setting alongside a Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer up to 4 times per week. This membership option allows us to create a program unique to you to get you to your goals fast! Enjoy the convenience of having the complete attention, focus and coaching of your trainer and take your fitness to the next level. Sessions range from 55-70.00 per workout.

30 Minute Small Group Personal Training

Enjoy the benefits of working with a personal training in a cost effective and fun way! Work in a private style group of only 2 people in a fun 30 minute workout! Our trainers will give you a workout that focuses on the entire body and uses a variety of equipment not seen in typical gyms. You'll come away with a raised metabolism and glad you were able to fit a workout in that day! Great if you want to workout with a friend, family member, spouse or co-worker. Session rates are 35.00 per person.


Interested in checking out our private Seven Hills gym and meeting with one of our personal trainers!?

Have your questions answered, see why we're growing quickly with our fully private, clean and safe gym that more people are being drawn too.

Experience a 30 minute private workout along with a fitness assessment and see first hand if we are the right fit for your needs. 🙂