Why Working One on One With A Personal Trainer Is The Best Way To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Sculpt personal trainer Nancy Halloran shares why working one on one with her clients allow her to really help make a difference in each one of her clients goals, and how that benefits you when deciding which gym to go with.


When we first started out as a local small business in 2008, there was a desire to help those wanting to improve his or her health and fitness in a personalized way. This was when all the hype about group workouts, Cross-fit , and other fads were popping up left and right.

We knew there was a place for private personal training, where you are not just a number, but a valued person where you have a personal trainer who knows what you're capable of, your strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to cater a workout to you and adjust if you're having an off day.

Our future goals are to continue to grow and help the community of Cleveland and Seven Hills in providing top of the line personal training services in our private facilities.

Sculpt Fitness Personal Training was started back in 2008, originating in a small medical office space training led by owner Josh Dickey. Over the years and many gym members later, we have continued to stick with what we do best...which is providing focused guidance and attention and a great workout experience with private personal training.

We never take for granted any of our members and are appreciative to be known as the go to place for those in Cleveland wanting to work with the top private gym.

We take pride in continuing to bring on positive team members who know their stuff, having a positive atmosphere in each gym location, and delivering results to each one of our members who put in the work in and out of the gym.

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