Why Working One on One With A Personal Trainer Is The Best Way To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Sculpt personal trainer Nancy Halloran shares why working one on one with her clients allow her to really help make a difference in each one of her clients goals, and how that benefits you when deciding which gym to go with.

What Our Trainers Are Most Passionate About In Personal Training

Sculpt personal trainer Brittan shares her joy and passion in seeing people make changes in their bodies through consistently showing up for each workout. We modify and adjust each workout specifically for your wants and needs.


We agree that the above mention points are all things you SHOULD want in a gym and trainer when choosing the right place for you. Sculpt Fitness has made it a priority that we have a friendly and upbeat gym atmosphere that our members look forward to coming to each week. We have chosen a team of trainers who have experience, proven results and the proof to back it up.

We can only say so much about how strongly we believe in our services, yet the only way for you to trust us to hear it from our fellow gym members, successful body transformations and from the owner himself.

Sculpt Fitness Personal Training was started back in 2008, originating in a small medical office space training led by owner Josh Dickey. Fast forward to present day, and we are now a well known and well trusted business that people rely on when wanting to work with the areas best personal trainers.

We take pride in continuing to bring on positive team members who know their stuff, having a positive atmosphere in each gym location, and delivering results to each one of our members who put in the work in and out of the gym.

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