Chad Maleski B.S. ACE

Chad Maleski is both a personal trainer and the general manager of Sculpt Fitness, joining the team when the business first began to grow back in 2010! With an initial desire to help athletes take their game to the next level, Chad took that knowledge and experience into creating effective strength circuits for everyday people that help build muscle and strength quickly while allowing your body to drop body fat over time.

He's been fortunate to have helped well over 100 individuals work towards his or her weight loss and strength goals.

Chad would be a great option if you are wanting to build strength and lower your body fat!

Aden Campbell ISSA

Aden Campbell joins the Sculpt Fitness team in Cleveland in 2020, bringing with him a positive, engaging personality that allows him to truly make a difference in his clients lives.

Having a long background in baseball and sport training, he understands what it takes to reach goals through hard work and committing to a fitness journey. Working with Aden, you'll have a coach and trainer who will both push and encourage you along the way!

Quinn Aiken B.S. B.A.

With a solid background in Exercise Science and Psychology, Quinn brings with him a good mix of understanding how the body works plus how to get the most out of his clients by motivating them each time they are in the gym with him.

Quinn has multiple years experience working with both youth and high school athletes in addition to working with individuals wanting to improve their level of fitness!

By choosing to work with Quinn, you'll have a trainer who will bring the inner athlete out of you and who will coach you up and guide you on your fitness journey.

Bailey Snarski B.S. NASM

Bailey Snarski joins the Sculpt Fitness team in 2021, after recently graduating from Heidelberg University with a degree in Exercise Science.

She brings with her both the understanding of the science of the human body as well as first hand experience working with a variety of individuals and athletes, helping them achieve his or her fitness goal!

Working with Bailey, you'll get someone who is personable, engaging, wants to understand your past struggles and obstacles so that she can help design a program to help you overcome what's held you back in the past.