Chad Maleski  B.S.  ACE

Chad Maleski is the Sculpt Fitness Cleveland general manager and personal trainer at both the Rockside and Cleveland locations. He has been a part of Sculpt for the past 10 years and has helped numerous men and women reach their fitness goals of weight loss, increasing strength and body transformation.

Chad would be our top option if you are wanting to build strength and lower your body fat!

Isaac Krugman       NCSF

Isaac Krugman joined Sculpt Fitness Cleveland in early 2019 after doing some training at a couple area gyms, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and training experience that he can put towards helping his clients achieve fitness success!

He is best at using combination circuits of weights and cardio to create a fun workout that'll build muscle, shed body fat, and reshape your body quickly.

Joseph Dennis Jr.  ACE

Joseph Dennis Jr. joins the Sculpt Fitness Cleveland team in February of 2020, being actively involved in fitness and training for several years now. He has a passion for using functional exercises to help his clients improve their overall strength while keeping flexible in the body.

Joseph would be a great choice if you're looking for someone to be not only your trainer, but also a friend on your fitness journey towards a thinner, stronger YOU.

Aden Campbell   ISSA

Aden Campbell joins the Sculpt Fitness team in Cleveland in 2020, bringing with him a positive, engaging personality that allows him to truly make a difference in his clients lives.

Having a long background in baseball and sport training, he understands what it takes to reach goals through hard work and committing to a fitness journey. Working with Aden, you'll have a coach and trainer who will both push and encourage you along the way!

Loreyn McKenzie    B.B.A    M.S    NASM

Loreyn McKenzie joins the Sculpt Fitness team bringing with her multiple years experience as a private trainer at Equinox as well as coaching Crossfit.

With a background in helping a variety of clients achieve his or her fitness goals, Loreyn adjusts and tailors her program to fit your needs, understanding the daily stresses that can affect your workout day to day.

If you want a trainer who puts her heart into doing all she can to help you reach your goals, who likes to keep workouts fun and functionally sound, and who can be a friend when you need it, Loreyn could be the right choice for you!

Brandon Saunders     ACE

Brandon Saunders joins the Sculpt Fitness Cleveland team, having multiple years of training clients and helping them achieve their fitness goals!

With experience working with both men and women, he's had many success stories, a couple of them being helping one man lose over 150lbs and another gain 40lbs of muscle!

Brandon is your guy if you have big fitness goals for yourself such as massive weight loss and/or wanting to increase your muscle mass to look and feel your best.