Personal Training Member Since 2020


Personal Training Member Since 2021


Personal Training Member Since 2021


Personal Training Member Since 2020


Personal Training Member Since 2021


Personal Training Member Since 2021


Personal Training Member Since 2021


Personal Training Member Since 2021

Chris has been with us for over 8 years and is loving the new downtown Cleveland location on West 9th Street!

Tonya has worked with her trainer Chad for 8 years and has made drastic improvements in her overall strength. She enjoys seeing her body get stronger and toned.

Steve works out with his trainer Chad at the Cleveland location, having been coming for 3 years. He incorporates Sculpt Fitness into his weekly workout routine.

Kenyatta has been working out twice a week with his trainer Nancy at the Rockside gym, focusing on getting back his athletic strength and muscle tone in his body.

Renee found out about us from our convenient location on West 9th Street in Cleveland. Renee's arms look better and she likes how toned she feels!

Patrick was looking for a downtown gym nearby Ohio City and found it here with us at Sculpt. He likes the intense bursts that are put into the workouts as well as being held accountable by his trainer.

Elizabeth was referred to us from her boyfriend who had been training with us for months beforehand. She appreciates being pushed and encouraged by her trainer Nancy in the private gym setting!

Bryn heard about us from a friend who had been working out with our trainers. She works alongside one of her friends in a 2 on 1 workout and enjoys how fast she has progressed.

Lori had recently started to lose weight but was needing help firming up her body. The workouts are challenging but effective to her. Lori finally feels strong and confident about herself!

Gabby just graduated from college and needed help losing weight. She had previously had success years ago working with one of our trainers and decided to give it another go! Her clothes fit so much better and has lost several dress sizes already.

Erika has lost 15lbs and now is wearing clothes from years past that didn't fit before!

Steve has dropped 15lbs working with his trainer Josh Hackley! He can't believe how much healthier he feels inside and out.

JoAnne has been training for over 7 months with our Cleveland trainer Nancy Halloran. She has seen her overall weight going down, fitting into clothes she hasn't worn in years, while gaining a lot of strength!

Mackenzie has increased her muscle tone while becoming stronger!

Doug has been training with head trainer and owner Josh Dickey at Sculpt Fitness for over 9 years and loves it!

Helana Chose Sculpt Fitness For The Private One on One Attention

Matt Has Gained 8 Lbs of Muscle & Lost 8 Lbs of Fat!

Lauren Has Lost 20 Pounds Since Starting at Sculpt Fitness

Gabe increased strength & muscle mass

Eric F. has shed over 30lbs of total bodyweight while building muscle in 13 months time!

Rod Initially Started At Sculpt To Get In Better Shape For His Wedding

Kayla has noticed an massive increase in stamina and energy.

LaRyssa has her muscle tone back in all the right places

Hannah has enjoyed the variety of workouts, increase in strength, and how her body looks!

Lindsay Has Become More Toned & Enjoys the Variety of Workouts

Lisa Has Used Her Training To Add To Workout Her Group Fitness Classes

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